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Q1 - 2022 (Launch)

Bootstrap Pyramids Community
Launch Website
Secure Community Multisig Partner
Complete KYC
Execute Presale
Public Launch
Publish Whitepaper
Coingecko and CMC Listings
Influencer Marketing Campaign
Distribute Treasury Rewards to Pyramid holders
Complete Smart Contract Audits

Q2 - 2022 (Growth)

Refer friends for Rewards Boost Program
CEX listing
Achieve 10K Holders
Achieve $10M Total Value Locked
Achieve $20M Market Cap
Implement On-Chain Governance

Q3 - 2022 (Sustainability)

In-App Pyramid Marketplace
Pyramid Powerups Gamification
Reduce Emissions
Major CEX listing
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Ramses II
Ramses II
I am Ramses II, CEO and co-founder of Pyramid Money.I entered the Crypto-Sphere and invested for the first time in 2017, right after acquiring my Master's degree in Financial Engineering.I’ve worked for a few years as an analyst in the banking sector while growing my personal portfolio.I dove into the DeFi ecosystem during 2020 and been in it ever since.Today, I am an independent financial consultant and I manage and coordinate the Pyramid Money project in parallel.
I am Khufu, CTO and co-founder of Pyramid Money.I first dipped my toes into Crypto back in 2016, when I learned about Ethereum while completing a Master's degree in Computer Science.I have 8 years of industry experience working as a software engineer and then as a product manager for Big Tech.I have been buidling in DeFi since DeFi Summer of 2020. I'm very excited to lead the technical and product teams of Pyramid Money.
I'm Kheops, CMO and co-founder of Pyramid Money.I have been working in the marketing sector for more than 3 years now as a community manager on social network’s for multinational companies.I started investing in crypto-currencies 2 years ago and have become passionate by this complex and fascinating eco-system.I take care of Marketing and Communication for the Pyramid Money team.
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